Tuesday, 19 March 2013

VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP)

Before writing about vCloud Usage Meter, I thought to brief VSPP Program which is strongly related to Usage Meter.

All the details through this post are based on VSPP Product Guide (VMware Q4 2012).

This program is offered by VMware to License VMware products through a points based model. Its combining two components which are points per product and points per reserved Virtual RAM (vRAM).

If you subscribe for VSPP program, a VM running in your cloud infrastructure with 5GB reserved vRAM can be charged 50 points. Another example, vShield Edge VM with 3GB reserved vRAM be charged 4 points as product and 30 points for vRAM, i.e. the total points for this VM will be 34 points.

How this works?

VSPP program offers three Bundles as below:

- VMware vCloud Service Provider Bundle - Premier Plus Edition 
- VMware vCloud Service Provider Bundle - Premier Edition 
- VMware vCloud Service Provider Bundle - Standard Edition

Each bundle will charge different number of points per reserved vRAM per month. In addition, each bundle will include a different set of VMware products. Therefore, its up to service provider to subscribe with the suitable bundle based on his product needs.

Note: Minimum vRAM reservation to be charged is 50% of VM vRAM even if reservation isn't configured. Maximum reservation to be charged is 24 GB.

In addition, each VMware product will be charged some points per month independently from the bundle.

Points per Product and Points per Reserved vRAM are summarized in table below.
The products per bundle can be summarized as below:
Note that you will be getting technical support with all plans

For example, vFabric Suite Advanced total points is the total points used for the infrastructure based on one of the vCloud bundles plus the total points used for vFabric Suite Advanced itself.

The calculation for reserved vRAM points is straight forward but can be more complex if the reserved vRAM changes during the month. Therefore, VMware provided this formula to calculate points per month:

Net points = (vGB hours X points per 1 GB reserved RAM)/hours per month

Hours per Month can be:

28-day months = 672 hours
29-day months = 696 hours
30-day months = 720 hours
31-day months = 744 hours


During one 30-day calendar month, a Service Provider uses the vCloud Service Provider Bundle – Premier Edition to configure his or her virtual machine with 16 vGB for 15 days and 48 vGB for the remaining 15 days. The reservation level for the virtual machine is set at 75 percent for the entire month.

15 days x 24 hours x 16 vGB x 0.75 = 4,320 vGB hours
15 days x 24 hours x 24 vGB (48 vGB x 0.75 but capped at 24GB) = 8,640 vGB hours
Total vGB hours = 12,960 vGB hours
Total points = 12,960 vGB hours ÷ 720 hours/month x 7 points (for Premier) = 126 points

All of the VSPP Products must be installed and used solely by the Service Provider on their owned or leased hardware and premises as part of a multi-tenant Hosted IT Service with the following exception:

- The Site Recovery Manager Protection licenses may be installed on a hosting customer’s premises as long as Service Provider controls all hardware and administration associated with the hosted environment.

There are multiple Point Packages Per Month offered by VMware Authorized Aggregators (360, 1,800, 3,600, 10,800, 18,000 or 30,000). You need to subscribe for the suitable one based on your estimated usage and plan.


Each service provider should report the total reserved vRAM hours every month as well as the products running in the Cloud environment to the aggregator. The aggregator will calculate the total points per month based on above formula. Any excess points above the monthly package will be charged. Reporting to aggregator can be done using the following methods:

- The vCloud Usage Meter is used to monitor the vCloud Service Provider Bundles, vCenter Operations Management Suite and vCloud Integration Manager, and it must be installed by the Service Provider to monitor and report usage information to their Aggregator. 
- Separate license keys must be identified by the vCloud Usage Meter in order to meter the Cloud Test Demonstration Environment to report usage information to their Aggregator. 
- SRM servers must be identified and linked to vCenter Servers in order to report on protected virtual machines. 
- All other VSPP Products must be manually reported to the Aggregator under the specific data collection process outlined by the Aggregator

The total of these submissions will be used by the Aggregator to calculate the total point usage for the month

Note: The Service Provider Agreement requires Service Provider to record all data related to points reporting which we mentioned above for a minimum of 3 years

There are other benefit s provided by VMware to VSPP Partners. You may refer to this link for further details about the program.


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