Monday, 21 January 2013

vCloud Director (5.1.1) Networking - PART 3

How to Configure vCD Networking?

1. Create External Network
2. Create Network Resource Pool
Note that the above pool is vCDNI Backed. This means that we need to adjust the MTU value on vDS as well as physical switches to accommodate VLM header.
3. Configure OvDC Network as part of OvDC configuration to allocate resources to organization. You should have system admin or Org admin privileges to create OvDC Networks. 
In case you want to connect OvDC Network to External Network through vSE, you should have vSE pre-created.
Coming back to OvDC Network creation. Notice below the three types we covered (Isolated, Direct, Routed).

Note: If vSE isn't created prior to OvDC Network creation, Create a routed network by connecting to an existing edge gateway will be greyed-out, i.e. you can't created Routed network.
Since we selected OvDC Network to be connected through vSE, a Portgroup is created in vCenter Infrastructure.
Note: While configuring OvDC, you need to select the type of Network Resource Pool. When creating OvDC Networks in OvDC, the type of portgroup created in vCenter Infrastructure will be based on the type of Network Resource Pool assigned to OvDC.
In case Network Resource Pool is selected as None, you won't be able to create OvDC Network with vSE. The steps will be accepted but the creation will fail.

As you know, we can have different OvDCs within one Organization. This means that we can have multiple OvDC Networks within Organization. vApps in the Organization can connect to different OvDC Networks either directly or through vSE.

4. Configure vApp Networks within organizations
vApp Network Fencing option can be used only for Direct vApp Networks. For Routed vApp Networks, this option will be greyed-out.
To configure vSE used by vApp Networks (Routed or Fenced).
Note: vApp Network vSE and Portgroup won't be deployed in vCenter Infrastructure unless a VM connected to this vApp Network is powered on. This isn't not similar to OvDC Network.

Also, in case you stopped the vApp, all VMs in vApp are stopped, vSE VA and Portgroup will be deleted.
TIP: To get the mapping of vApp Network to Portgroup, Right-Click vApp Network > Properties.

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